Rebecca S. Wingo

digital consultations

rebecca s. wingo

I am available as an outside consultant for digital humanities (DH), either for specific departments or campuses more broadly. My role in developing a digital liberal arts (DLA) program at Macalester College and my experience learning DH at an R1 insitution make me uniquely suited to adapt to different institutional demands. In 2016-2017, I provided consultation at Gustavus Adolphus College (St. Peter, MN) through a Mellon-funded, campus-wide endeavor to embed DH in their January-term courses. I also serve as a DH consultant at Tougaloo College (Jackson, MS) where the faculty are working to embed DH across the curriculum and as a DH expert for the editorial board of

Since arriving at Macalester in the Fall of 2015, I have also worked with faculty to integrate digital methods and tools into their pedagogy and research. My position allows for two formal faculty consultations per semester, but I provide a lot of informal consultations as well with faculty from American Studies to Geology, History to Theater and Dance. In the last two years, I have reached nearly twenty percent of TT and non-TT faculty across an alphabet of disciplines.

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