Consider this your “Wild Welcome” from students in an introductory public history course at the University of Cincinnati!

“Public History in the Wild” is a classroom assignment designed by Dr. Rebecca S. Wingo to train students to see their worlds through the lens of a public historian. Our key objectives include:

  1. Practice writing for a public audience
  2. Practice writing concisely in preparation of your exhibit and label text
  3. Learn to read your environment like a public historian
  4. Familiarize yourself with local history

Using a blogging platform also reinforces some other skills necessary to public history and a 21st century job market:

  1. Introduction to a content management system
  2. Introduction to effective communication platform
  3. Practice communication in different forms for different audiences
  4. Exposure to the information architecture that undergirds searchability & categorization

We hope you enjoy exploring the public history we have found in and around the “wilds” of Cincinnati! Please contact Dr. Wingo with any questions.