Lets Ride – Cincinnati Union Terminal

this is a picture of the entrance to the union terminal. the photo is not taken straight on. You see the entrance at an angle. The building is mostly made of tan brick and has a storm windows above the doors. There's also a arc that goes over the windows. In the bottom right is a black car parked.
Visitors enter the grand entrance to the Union Terminal in Cincinnati, OH. Nov. 20, 2019.

The Cincinnati Union Terminal was completed and open to the public in 1933. It’s was connected to five train stations which consisted of 94 miles of track. This amtrak was used to bring soldiers home from WWII. It was also the same terminal that brought home the fortunate survivors of the Holocaust. Walking into the main lobby, visitors are met with mosaic artwork by German artist Winold Reiss. The murals depict Cincinnati’s industry in the 1930s. The walls are made of marble and the building was recently renovated to preserve its historical value. Storm windows were installed, the marble was polished, and each nickel size piece of the murals was inspected for repair. Today, the Union Terminal serves as the entrance to the Cincinnati Museum Center. Inside visitors will find four museums, an OMNIMAX theater, as well as a Cincinnati History Library and Archives. Next time you visit, try to see all four museums!