Wet and Wild Times at Niagara Falls

Cloudy grey sky overshadowing the falls, green plants, rocks, and views from both the Canadian and American side.
  View from the Canadian side.
Fake bucket and backdrop with Niagara Falls across the top
Tourist attraction.

Known for its roaring rapids and thundering falls, Niagara holds years of history to unravel. The falls began forming more than 12,000 years ago. The first people to truly embrace its beauty were the Native Americans who lived in the area. Until 1678 when a French explorer named Father Louis Hennepin stumbled across them. Becoming a French stronghold

The falls crashing down and creating a mist that almost looks like steam
Falls from the front.

with the placement of what will become Old Fort Niagara. In the 1800s when railroads were installed, the falls became a tourist destination. Not only known for being a tourist attraction, but it was also the birthplace of hydroelectric power by Nikola Tesla in 1896.