After running several Omeka workshops about the History Harvest, I decided that participants needed a lowstakes place where they could practice, produce, and tinker. This is that sandbox. 

The Resources page has a lot of relevant links including the History Harvest Handbook (by Jacob K. Friefeld and William G. Thomas, III) and PDFs of my powerpoint presentations that accompany each workshop. Please feel free to check them out. 

The collections, items, and exhibits in this sandbox are reset before each new workshop, and old users are deactiviated.

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Recently Added Items

Soup Tureen

Photo would be put here

Silver Tea Pot

This silver teapot belonged to her grandmother; was used before the Civil War; then buried during the Civil War. Joan remembers her mother using it as…

Commencement Program from St. Agnes Grade School

Paper booklet with red cover indicating order of program and listing names of students in graduating class.

Photograph of Gopher Ellis Drum Corps

18x24 black and white photograph, circa early 1960s, of neighborhood drum corps sponsored by Ellis Meats.