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Jeanne Gehrman Collection

A coffee cup from an old liquor store in Rondo.

Contributors: Jeanne Gehrman

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Karon Sanigular Collection

Ceramic mug and pitcher set embossed with identical images of elk and clocks

Contributors: Karon Sanigular

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Joan Perteet Thompson Collection

Family heirloom from the civil war.

Contributors: Joan Perteet Thompson

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Thomas Kustermann Collection

A series of photographs of Thomas Kustermann's grandparents, as well as other unnamed people. Also documents and photos about McGill Grocery Store,…

Contributors: Thomas Kustermann

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Joyce P. Williams Collection

A sweet potatoe pie recipe from the Watkins Cookbook, a soup tureen, and a photograph of Rondo published in the Recorder.

Contributors: Joyce P. Williams

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Marvin R. Anderson Collection

A wide assortment of both personal and community-related paraphernalia dating through the latter half of the twentieth century, including photographs,…

Contributors: Marvin R. Anderson

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