The Quarantine Cookbook

Bourbon Dreamsicle

whiskey drank

I wanted bourbon. I also wanted an orange creamsicle. And thus the Bourbon Dreamsicle was born. Juice half an orange. Pour in some bourbon. (This was Four Roses.) Add half a can of Virgil’s Diet Cream Soda. Or whatever cream soda you have on hand. Go get some Virgil’s for real tho. Add some ice. […]

Toaster Oven Apple Crisp

oaty apple crisp in a yellow bowl

In our third guest post, the indomitable Anne Delano Steinert brings you her quarantine crisp. If you missed our previous posts, you can still catch up with “Forlorn Kale, Dejected Eggplant” and “A Bad Sourdough Recipe.” I live in a two-person household — myself and a very picky eating nine year-old — so basically I’m […]

A Bad Sourdough Recipe

baked sourdough on a cutting board

In our second guest post, I bring you Kalani Craig’s “bad sourdough recipe.” Read it for the jokes even if you aren’t planning to make sourdough. If you missed our first guest post from “MB,” you can still catch up with “Forlorn Kale, Dejected Eggplant.” All good sourdough recipes require three things: a starter (nursed […]

DoubleTree Cookies

delicious looking cookies

PSA DoubleTree by Hilton published their coveted chocolate chip cookie recipe. I repeat: DoubleTree published their chocolate chip cookie recipe. If you didn’t know this, then you haven’t been paying attention to the right corners of the internet. Devoted followers, I took one for the team. It was my responsibility to all of you to […]

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