InStall History

What is InStall History?

Why, the Finest Bathroom Literature of course!


logo of toilet next to tagline "the finest bathroom literature"InStall History was a classroom assignment idea hatched over Twitter with Dr. Thomas Cauvin.

  • The Assignment
    • work in groups to research a topic of interest about UC’s history
  • The Mission
    • get as many people to read it as possible
  • The How
    • posters in bathroom stalls with QR codes to class blog

Visit the course website for a full assignment description.


We would like to thank the University of Cincinnati’s Archives & Rare Books, especially Sue Reller who took time to present to the class and meet individually with student research groups.

Fall 2019 Student Scholars

Ethan Alfandary, Landon Bartlett, Nicholas Bosca, Emily Brehm, Angelina Carpenter, Casey Dannemiller, Madison Demay, Zach Fries, Emma Hynes, Benjamin Kilgallon, McKayla Krause, Francesca Marcotte Rietz, Logan Miller, Matt Miller, Sachi Morita-Mullaney, Johnny Nguyen, Brendan Prendergast, and Teresa Szczecinski.