Retired Exhibitions

We are delighted to offer you a glimpse into our past class projects.

InStall History logo depicting toilet next to the tagline "the finest bathroom literature"

InStall History | Fall 2019

Students in this version of the course built upon the skills they gained through PH Wild to generate longer blog posts about an aspect of UC’s history they researched in the school’s archives. Then, we performed guerrilla-style public history by plastering flyers with QR codes to our blog in bathroom stalls across campus. It remains my classiest assignment to date.

Unlocking UC’s History | Fall 2018

In the first iteration of this course, students used the University’s archives to research an aspect of UC’s history. We then designed, curated, and installed our exhibits in the lockers on the 3rd floor of Arts & Sciences Hall, and hosted an open house for students, staff, and faculty to come enjoy their hard work.