A “Wild” Welcome

This website is a public history sandbox for University of Cincinnati students to explore their worlds, learn new tools, and practice public writing.

It all began with a small assignment called “Public History in the Wild” in which the students were tasked with viewing their surroundings through the eyes of a public historian.

The site has since grown to include students’ final group projects as well.

Public History in the Wild

Operating under the premise that history is everywhere, students examine and investigate their environments for clues to history.  

Read an article in the American Historical Association’s magazine about the origins of Public History in the Wild.

InStall History | Fall 2019

Students performed guerrilla-style public history by creating blog posts about UC’s history, and installing flyers with QR codes in bathroom stalls across campus.

Unlocking UC’s History | Fall 2018

Students researched, designed, and curated exhibits about UC’s history in the lockers on the 3rd floor of McMicken Hall. 

We hope you enjoy exploring the public history we have found in the “wilds” of Cincinnati. Please contact Dr. Wingo with any questions.