Colorized picture of the PMC building in its prime, found in the PMC building

This picture was found on the second floor and it depicted a time when the building was loved and taken care of. 11/20/2019.

PMC building entrance at night and after 16 years vacant with company name still on the main entrance.

The front entrance over 15 years later. 11/20/2019.










Before the industrial complex’s abandonment in the early 2000s, it operated for a few decades. The Plastic Molding Corporation made injection moldings in the warehouse portion of the building. The office wing of the building was a maze of rooms and expensive furniture. The building sat for over 15 years. The paint flaked, the roof leaked and the rooms molded over. For the locals, the building served as a dump, a place to loot and a place to meet over the years. After 16 years of vacancy, the building was bought and will be renovated by 2020. 

Dark entrance with welcome desk, 90s paint, hardly any dust and pristine 90s chairs.

Welcome desk at one of the side entrances. The paint was pristine with hardly any dust. Bathrooms were nearby with soap still ready to go and trash still in the bins.

Dark show room that once showcased plastic moldings with vivid paint on the walls and vibrant carpet

Located near the entrance was a showroom that once put the company’s works on display for clients to admire. The color and design choices were truly 90s. 11/20/2019.





Paint chips all over wet ground of the second floor and small loading dock.

The PMC building utilized a cheap flat roof and it sat for so long that water pierced the rubber membrane and leaked into the building. There are major mold problems throughout. The second floor was flooded in the side rooms. 11/21/2019.

Pristine portrait of a computer blueprint that would be sent to the plastic molding machines.

This pristine picture depicts a blueprint on the computer the company made. The building not only made injection moldings but it made designs and has rooms dedicated to the design and engineering of products. 11/21/2019.

Graffiti on roof that says "Griffin"

At many parts of the building, the locals broke in. The graffiti hints at the privacy and freedom they enjoyed while in the lonely halls of the abandoned building. 11/20/2019.